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The Bad News: Living in the modern world teaches guys to be what author bell hooks calls “emotional cripples”. We begin rejecting parts of ourselves as boys, and end up as men who don’t know who the hell we are, or why we’re here. By our early thirties, we’re usually overworked, overstressed, and struggling with our closest relationships. We feel trapped, anxious, afraid, depressed, and frustrated. Maybe we’re addicted. Maybe we’re just exhausted. Most of us are surviving instead of really living our lives.

The Good News: There's a way out of the anxiety, depression and exhaustion. And that work begins with our shadows. Our shadows are everything we've repressed or kept hidden to survive as men in a world that encourages us to shut down, toughen up, "be a man". Most of us have decades of these discarded, hurting, angry, embarrassing, shameful parts of ourselves that are dying to come out and be acknowledged.

That's where I come in: As someone who spent years befriending my own shadow, I'll be your guide on the path to reclaiming all the hidden parts of yourself. A process that Jungian scholar and author Robert Johnson calls: The only work that matters.

The funny thing about our darkest shadow stuff is that it seems really dangerous and powerful when it's hidden, but the moment we start shining a little light on it, you see it's pretty harmless.
(Like the Scooby Doo cartoons when the ghoul that had been terrorizing the castle was just a bunch of duct tape and sheets.)

And by expressing feelings we never felt, and owning parts of ourselves we've discarded, we move towards the ultimate goal of personal work: Wholeness. In a whole state we accept ourselves fully and emerge ready to offer our talents to the world. Exciting, right?

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