I grew up in and around Portland, Maine and spent a decade in New York City working in media and publishing.

I write a lot of personal essays for the likes of GQ, Men’s Health and Medium, often in tandem with my favorite-ever editor Ross McCammon. I’ve written about my father’s obsession with the Eagles, confronting a middle school bully, my experience wearing makeup, and the numerologist grandmother in Florida who changed the course of my life.(Her name is Linda Ward.)

For years, whenever my personal essays were published, I’d get emails from people wanting to connect and talk about their lives. I loved it. So in the fall of 2019, I launched a counseling and coaching practice. Now I get to work with men and women who want to make big changes in their lives, and it’s has become the most exciting and fulfilling part of my days. You can learn more about my coaching business here.

Occasionally, I consult on editorial projects for companies like Garrett Leight California Optical and Cereal Magazine, and I am the co-host of two podcasts, Into the Well with Ryan Willms, and Third Eye for the Stressed Guy with my longtime vibrational twin flame Elliot Aronow. Both are great listens for people looking for more sanity, creativity and expression in their lives.

I’m currently at work on a book about the five-year exploration of my own darkness called The Shadow Project. It’s about 50% finished. (Don’t all you blue chip publishers jump at once.)  

Since 2017, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, where it’s 80 degrees in February, and I have, after many years of effort, finally thawed out. In my free time, you can find me on the tennis court, singing in my car, or sitting outside at Erewhon, the supermarket love of my life. In a moment of great irony for a former fashion journalist, I also try to spend as much of my life barefoot as possible.  

Contact me:
Email: sean [dot] hotchkiss [at] gmail [dot] com
Instagram: @sean_hotchkiss