Feel Like There's More Out There For You?

Let's slow down, reveal and heal whatever is standing between you and your best life.

Hi, I’m Sean.

I love helping men become the fullest expressions of themselves (powerful, creative, loving, joyful, free) by revealing, healing and integrating the internal blocks that keep so many of us feeling stuck.

My coaching practice is highly informed by my own 15+ year journey and incorporates everything I've learned along the way: from Jungian Psychology to Psychedelic Somatic Integration, Embodiment Practices and Men's Work.  


Coaching With Me

My coaching programs are for men committed to living, loving, and leading from their hearts.

What does that mean? Well, it means our work is deep and transformational. It will take you into the truth of who you are and have you living, loving, and creating from that potent place.

Lee, Toronto CA

“Sean has helped me regain my power and unlock the motivation I was missing to build the life I’d always thought of as a far-off oasis. In our sessions, I feel majorly seen, heard, and supported. Each week they get the juices pumping and continue to bring me to places that I didn’t think were possible to explore and achieve. Work with this man! He will help you change your life, and already has for me.”


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