Feel Like You're Running in Circles?

Let's slow down, dive deep, and unlock the secrets to living your best life.

Hi, I’m Sean.

I spent years chasing aliveness through the usual avenues: money, travel, sex, and "stuff." By my early 30s, I'd had enough of all of 'em to realize they didn't scratch the itch. That's when my journey inward began, and it led me to coaching.

My ideal clients are men who have tried most everything outside themselves to feel ALIVE and are now ready to chart the unknown territories of their insides. Together, we'll traverse that wild path into the heart of who you are, freeing you up to be that authentic version of yourself in the world.

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Working Inward

As men, most of us try to build a successful life on the outside, and believe it will make us feel good inside. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered this approach doesn’t work too well. (Or maybe you’re still searching for the one secret highway none of us have found, yet.)

In my coaching programs, I focus our work and attention inward: into the places and questions most men have never explored. That’s where we get to know ourselves on a deeper level, and where real transformation - and ultimately a more fulfilling life - can begin to occur.

My Programs
Lee, Toronto CA

“Sean has helped me regain my power and unlock the motivation I was missing to build the life I’d always thought of as a far-off oasis. In our sessions, I feel majorly seen, heard, and supported. Each week they get the juices pumping and continue to bring me to places that I didn’t think were possible to explore and achieve. Work with this man! He will help you change your life, and already has for me.”


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