Sterling, New York, NY

“Working with Sean has absolutely changed my life. Over the past year and a half, I’ve experienced the process of understanding my greatest fears, deepest judgments, and subconscious patterns. While the knowledge itself is great, it's important to convert that knowledge into action and behavior change. That's where Sean comes in, not only has he been a source for helping me uncover my inner workings, he's guided me through with accountability, support, and instruction. I can't recommend this work enough. I've made huge strides towards expressing my truest self while deepening my understanding of those around me.”

Lee, Toronto, Canada

“Sean has been one of the most impactful and meaningful influences I’ve had in claiming my manhood as an adult. Coming to him at my lowest and most afraid, he was ready to jump into the fear I was feeling - not with hesitation or judgment, but with support and compassion. Since then, he’s become a guide, a friend, a collaborator, and a healer. The passion and respect he brings to this work has been crucial to my own journey - I have enriched, deepened, and ignited passion in my own life through our work together. I have begun to achieve the dreams that were once only that, dreams. I am deeply grateful to have someone in my life as invested in my own growth as I am. His willingness to lead men toward healing is one of the truest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you Sean. On behalf of all the people that know me outside of our relationship, they thank you, too.”

Alex, Denver, CO

“I truly would not be where I am today if I hadn't started working with Sean, joined a men’s group, and begun this journey of self discovery. Sean’s insights, reflections, and guidance always leave me feeling empowered. Our work has helped me dig deeper into who I truly am, increased my awareness, and even helped me realize my dream of moving across the country, from Decatur, Illinois to Denver, Colorado. I have forged incredible relationships with other guys through the men’s groups he leads, and have recommended his coaching to multiple people in my life. ”

Corey, New York, NY

“I see the world very differently now that I've worked with Sean. He’s given me the toolkit and the confidence to realize my potential across every area of my life. He makes me feel smarter, wiser, and more connected. With Sean in my corner, I've grown 6 years in 6 months.”

James, Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with Sean for more than a year now and while we’re located on opposite sides of the country, his support and guidance has been a constant presence. Through our work – and coaching with him will require work - he’s challenged me to lean into feelings I never wanted to go near, but it’s resulted in a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-worth of which I never thought possible. As I write this and reflect on my time with Sean, tears are flowing because of the gratitude, appreciation and respect I have for him as a coach as well as an individual and how he’s helped me change my life for the better. Additionally, because of Sean and the men’s group that he facilities, I’ve met individuals whom I now consider brothers.”

Tristan, San Francisco, CA

“After years of trying to go it alone and seeing little to no improvement, I decided to get serious and enlist Sean. What I have been trying to achieve over two decades, Sean coached me toward in just sixteen months: I feel younger, enjoy my job more, feel closer to my friends, look forward to taking on bigger challenges and responsibilities… And not once did I feel rushed. We planned our program out together, and all along the process I felt heard and supported and saw very real progress each week. I now feel I have long lasting skills that I can take with me for the rest of my life.”

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